Have Lights That Flash Every Time Appliances Run? Get An Electrical Estimate Fast

If you have lights that flicker and dim when you are running multiple appliances in your home, it's time to get an electrician to the house. You want to make sure that you don't do extreme damage to your breaker box and the electrical wiring throughout the house and that you aren't putting the property and your family at risk.

Older houses different have electrical systems and wiring designed to accommodate all the appliances that are used today and the size of the appliances. You may need some updating to your electrical system. Talk with an electrical estimator about these things to see what the potential cost will be to have these changes made.

Replacing Fuses

An electrician can come in and check the fuses and investigate the fuses that power the area of the home where you have flickering and dimming. Replacing the fuses would be an easy and affordable fix, but this may not be the best long-term option. Instead, there may be more work to be done like replacing the wiring or even the entire circuit breaker.

Changing Wiring

If there is damage in the wiring or the wiring is old and wearing then the electrical current running to these areas of the house may be problematic. There may be electrical shortages causing these concerns. Get an estimate to update all of the wiring in the areas needed, and the entire house if you want to update your entire home.

Replacing the Circuit Box

A circuit breaker box has an average lifespan of about 30-40 years. If your box is nearing this age, or if the electrical estimator can see that it is damaged and past repair, it's time to invest in a new box.

A larger box that can better handle the number of appliances and lighting needs that you have will be a safer option for your home, and it will eliminate the complications that you are currently having. Get cost comparisons of different circuit breakers they think would be best for your home and talk about efficiency concerns.

If you have noticed that the lighting and appliances all can't function when running at the same time and the problem is getting worse, get these problems looked at right away before you have a fire hazard in the home. The electrical estimator will give you a breakdown of what electrical components need to be replaced and what the cost will be.

For more information on electrical estimates, contact a professional near you.