3 Signs It Is Time To Get A Better Commercial Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is a crucial component of the entire electrical system. The age and size of your building might determine factors for the panel's efficiency. However, other factors also come into play when upgrading the panel. For example, the current system could be working, but you might need to upgrade the system for the sake of added efficiency. Here are some ways to tell when your panel is damaged and needs a complete upgrade.

The Employees Trip Your Breakers All the Time

The first indicator to replace the panel is the number of times your breakers keep tripping. The trippers have a particular function because they shut down the power supply when you draw too much current. However, if they keep going off when you perform simple tasks such as switching on the lights, it is time to upgrade the electrical panel. It would help if you also observed how the system behaves when you turn on different appliances, like the coffee maker, that are plugged in. If it switches off the entire system, consider upgrading the panel to improve its capacity.

The Panel Keeps Heating Up

Another troubling indicator is when your electrical panel keeps heating up. Your panel should not feel warm to the touch. When you have a panel with a suitable electrical capacity, you shouldn't have to worry about hot boxes, receptacles, and switches. The system only heats up when it cannot manage your power demands. You should contact a commercial electrician to help you determine your power needs and install the panel with a matching capacity.

The Panel Has Rust and Corrosion

You should also check for physical signs of deterioration on the panel. These include the presence of rust on the surface and also corrosion. The rust on the panel creates a problem because it adds system resistance to the flow of electricity, which adds heat. Excessive heating will eventually lead to arcing and electrical fires. Corroded breakers never perform consistently. They might fail to trip, be slow when tripping, or trip with excessive force. You can avoid all the complications by replacing the panel, which also means replacing the components.

A simple electrical panel upgrade can improve the experience that the people using your commercial spaces have. Consult with trusted commercial electricians about assessing your panel's condition and determining whether it serves your needs adequately. They will replace your panel with an upgraded version for a safer and more efficient commercial electrical system. Reach out to an electrician to learn more.