4 Signs You Should Have Your Electrical Panel Replaced

More than 50,000 home fires a year are caused by overloaded electrical systems. A good amount of homes still have electrical systems that were installed before many of the home appliances used today existed. This means these electrical panels aren't properly equipped to handle the amount of electricity being demanded of them regularly. Older electrical panels should be replaced to ensure the electrical systems meet today's demands and to help decrease the risk of fire. Also, electrical panels having other issues may also require replacing. Here are four indications that it may be a good time to replace your home's electrical panel:

1: The lights often flicker

A single lamp can flicker when the bulb needs to be replaced. However, replacing that light bulb should put an end to the flickering. If the lights continue to flicker after you've put the new light bulbs in the fixtures, you likely need to have your electrical panel replaced. 

2: The breaker trips when some appliances turn on

Your home may run smoothly until you turn on that one energy-hungry appliance. Then, you can end up tripping the breaker. Some examples of appliances that may cause the breaker to trip can be the HVAC system, the clothes washer, or something else that requires a good amount of energy to work. If the breaker trips like this, then it indicates the electrical panel should be replaced. If you seem to trip your breaker when even small devices are plugged in, then this indicates a serious need for a new electrical panel. 

3: You get shocked in your home

Getting shocked when you touch something in your home should be taken seriously. Even small tingles can indicate there are some major electrical issues going on in the house. Many times, the issue can be traced back to an outdated electric panel that should be replaced. 

4: The appliances frequently overheat

If you have an older appliance that overheats, then the issue may be with the appliance itself. However, if you are having newer appliances overheat, and it's happening to more than one of them, then it's likely a faulty electrical panel. 

If you've been noticing some of these types of things happening around your home, as well as other electrical issues, call a local electrician service such as Shocking Difference LLC. You may need to have the electrical panel replaced with a new one to put an end to these issues.