3 Useful Electrical Safety Tips For Commercial Facilities

Electrical issues in a commercial building can result in electrocutions or fires that may fatally injure your occupants. Schedule electrical inspections regularly from a certified commercial electrician to avoid electrical irregularities. 

Here is a dive into three electrical safety tips for commercial facilities. 

Fix Damaged Outlets Quickly

After several years of use, the outlets in your building can wear out, especially if you use electrical appliances regularly. Worn-out receptacles feel wobbly when you try to plug in a device and have loosened connections that lower outlet function.

Receptacles have metal contact points that attach the hot, neutral, and grounding prongs to the cord plugs. Over time, the metal contact points can wear out and lose grip on the plug, which causes heat buildup within the receptacles. Consequently, your circuit breakers trip or an electrical fire breaks out.

So don't ignore any wires that stick out of sockets as they can cause electrocution. Flickering lights, burning smells, or discolored outlets are other signs that you should replace your sockets. You can also look out for things like:

  • Cracked outlets
  • Sparking
  • Buzzing sounds

The solution is to replace the damaged outlets.

Inspect All Building Appliances

Most commercial facilities have offices with electronics and appliances like computers, air conditioning units, microwaves, and refrigerators. Regular inspection is vital to avoid incidents where people use broken appliances and get electrocuted.

In addition to the appliance's internal components, check for faulty wiring and cords. Cords also get frayed when they continually get stepped on, accidentally unplugged, or pinched by chairs or tables. Eventually, the wires get exposed, which leaves a serious electrocution hazard every time you use the appliance.

Extreme heat may also melt the wire's insulation and start a fire in your building. Request your building occupants to always report worn-out or frayed cords so you can have them replaced right away to ensure everyone's safety.  

Check Your Lighting

A simple bulb malfunction can be disastrous, so you need to regularly inspect your lighting. Replace any burnt-out bulbs to maintain a well-lit interior. If you notice a burning plastic odor, lights with exposed wiring are the likely culprits.

A bulb can unexpectedly explode due to insufficient insulation at the base. The explosion can occur when people are close to the fixture and suffer injuries as the glass shatters. Thankfully, a professional electrician can inspect your bulbs for sufficient insulation to avoid such problems. If they do find a problem, they can replace the bulb before the worst happens.

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