3 Main Reasons You Should Consider Rewiring Your Home

Consider electrical rewiring if your home is over 25 years old. Some older homes have outdated electrical systems that can't cope with the demand of modern electrical appliances. If your home experiences frequent blown fuses or tripped breakers, flickering lights, hot switch plates or plugs, burning smells, loose outlets, and cracked or broken insulation, consider home rewiring. 

Ignoring the above issues can damage your appliances, cause serious injury from electrical shocks, and even a house fire. Here are three reasons you should consider when rewiring your home.

Enhanced Electrical Capacity

Older homes were built with obsolete technology that generally isn't compatible with modern electrical configurations. For instance, modern homes often have 200-amp service, unlike older homes that only have 60- or 100-amp service. Also, certain appliances weren't in use when the older homes were being built, for instance, modern computers, televisions, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

Therefore, your circuits are likely overloaded if your electrical system isn't updated. The most obvious sign of an overloaded circuit is a frequently tripping circuit breaker. Other subtle signs you may notice are burning odors from switches or outlets, scorched plugs or outlets, buzzing outlets or switches, and dimming lights.

While your circuit breaker will protect your home from fires due to overloads, the risk isn't worth it. A total overhaul of your wiring is the ultimate safety precaution you should take.

Independent Circuits

Home rewiring will enable you to create an independent circuit for appliances that use a lot of power, such as water heaters, refrigerators, or the security fence. Separate circuits allow your major appliances to continue functioning when other less important devices trip the switch. 

This modification will ensure your home receives reliable power constantly. Imagine coming home from work only to discover that all your frozen food in the freezer has gone bad because of a minor circuit issue.

Improved Home Value

An upgraded electrical system will massively improve your home's value in case you want to sell it. Old or poor wiring is one of the main concerns of potential house buyers. Nobody wants to buy a new home and worry about safety issues such as fires due to poor wiring. Even if you don't plan to sell your home, your children might be the future occupants of your house, and you want to guarantee them a safe home.

Also, a home with updated wiring will have an added appeal. For instance, a trustworthy circuit will ensure your security system works around the clock. Such a circuit can support modern security innovations such as motion sensors and security alarms.

For more information on residential wiring, reach out to an electrician near you.