3 Important Tips For Maintaining Your New Central Air Conditioning Equipment

Central air conditioning is a huge improvement over trying to cool your house with window units. Eliminating window units makes your home more secure and improves the appearance of your windows. Plus, central air makes it easier to control the temperature in your home so you stay cool and comfortable. If you're having central air conditioning installed for the first time, you'll want to learn how to maintain it. Here are a few tips.

1. Use The Right Filter And Change It Regularly

Your equipment should come with a manual that includes instructions for filter care. You can also ask your AC contractor for advice if you don't understand how to change the filter. You should also talk to the contractor if you want to change the type of filter you use to one that removes more allergens from the air.

Some filters may end up restricting airflow and causing problems, so buy the type of filters recommended by the equipment manufacturer and change them on the schedule they recommend, which might be monthly or less often. This is important since a filter that's coated with dust restricts airflow and that can cause your equipment to malfunction or even be damaged.

2. Have Professional Maintenance Done Annually

If you read the terms of your warranty, you may find annual maintenance is required. You may also need proof that repairs to your AC were done by a licensed technician. An annual AC tune-up isn't too expensive, and it ensures your central air conditioning unit is in good shape and ready for daily use.

During an annual service call, the technician cleans dust and grime out of the unit and repairs the damaged parts they find. They'll also make sure the refrigerant is in good shape and that there are no leaks anywhere.

3. Take Care Of The Condenser Outside

A central air conditioning system is made up of an indoor air handler and a condenser that is outside. The AC technician will service the condenser when they do an annual tuneup, but you'll need to maintain the unit for the rest of the summer.

This includes doing things like mowing weeds and grass so they don't get high enough against the condenser to block airflow. Plus, you'll want to check that grass clippings and other debris don't block the openings between the fins. If fins get smashed, you'll need to open them up so the bent fins don't affect air flowing in or out of the condenser.

Proper airflow in the condenser is essential for releasing heat and cooling the parts. Your central air conditioning unit may have difficulty keeping you nice and cool if the airflow is restricted in the condenser.

For more information, contact a central air conditioning contractor in your area.