4 Signs a Commercial Property Is in Need of Electrical Rewiring Services

Electrical upgrades are something that a commercial property owner might rarely or never think about. Older building structures may have outdated wiring. The issue can be overlooked when everything seems to be fine and functional on the surface. Damaged or outdated wiring isn't usually visible. This can lead to the assumption that an electrical system is in good condition. However, there might be telltale signs that get dismissed as being insignificant.

Wiring issues should be addressed as soon as they are suspected. Neglected electrical systems can cause hazardous conditions such as electrocution or fires. The following points identify a few indicators of an electrical system that has wiring issues.

Frequent Breaker Tripping

This issuer is commonly associated with an electrical system that is not able to keep up with the demands of the electricity needed to provide power. Faulty wiring can cause this to happen. Sometimes it is also a matter of outdated fuse boxes or outdated and insufficient circuit breakers. When these electrical system slaws exist, it is likely that the wiring is also outdated and rewiring might be recommended as part of the upgrade.

Flickering Lights

Lighting issues can arise when wiring is outdated or damaged. Wiring can get damaged by pests such as rodents chewing through it. Normal degradation may also occur when wiring ages. If the issue is not addressed, it can lead to loss of power in certain areas. There is also an increased risk for damage to equipment or an electrical fire.

Buzzing or Humming Noises

Bad wiring may also produce an annoying sound that might be continuous or intermittent. The sound will likely be more noticeable in a certain area such as emitting from one outlet. It is a sign of an impending electrical fire and requires immediate attention. Cease using electricity in the affected area, and turn off the circuit breaker that powers the area. A commercial electrician can determine what is triggering the electrical response and whether a total or partial rewiring project is required.

Burnt Smells Near Outlets

This issue is indicative of wiring shorts and could be signaling potential electrical fire hazards. The source of the smell is likely small sparks of fire that can ignite. Since the start of the fire would be behind walls, it could spread quickly before it is obvious an emergency exists. The burnt smell phenomenon might be accompanied by other electrical wiring issues such as discolored or warped outlets that appear burnt or soot-covered.

A commercial electrician is a good resource to use for an electrical system inspection. They can identify wiring issues and make electrical repairs or upgrades.