What Are the Major Applications of Fiber Optics?

The ability to send data virtually anywhere at the speed of light has paved the way for fiber optic technology to be used in all business areas. The use of fiber optic technology has been growing steadily over the last few years due to its many advantages compared with other wire-based systems. There is virtually no sphere of life where fiber optics have not impacted. If there are transmissions involved, the preferred medium today is fiber optics. What are some of the top ways to apply fiber optics today?

Computer Networking

Fiber optics have enabled the evolution of the internet to the high bandwidth information highway it is today. Fiber optics have become integral to computer networking, from large data centers and backbone networks to exchanges that transfer information onto the wider internet. 

As more computers are connected through a network, the need for faster communications becomes even more significant. Fiber optic cables are 10 times faster transmission than other wires. As a result, it has become the key to unlocking higher speeds, including the ongoing 5G revolution. 


Fiber optics have impacted medicine significantly. In particular, the development of endoscopes has made possible the diagnosis of internal body parts without performing surgery. These minimally invasive surgery procedures, which have saved countless lives.  

These devices allow surgeons to view organs such as the stomach, lungs, or intestines without risky open surgery. They also enable doctors to see inside blood vessels, arteries and veins. With this type of equipment, doctors can examine the insides of patients without causing any damage. 

Automotive Industry 

The automotive sector is another area that has benefited from fiber optics. Fiber optic sensors have been developed to monitor engine performance and emissions levels. This allows manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution. 

Cable Television

Another application of fiber optics is cable television. Cable companies can now deliver broadband services to homes and businesses across the country. This means that customers can access movies, music, and other content online. In addition, it has enabled TV companies to offer value-added services that deliver richer entertainment experiences. 

Lighting and Decorations

Fiber optics have been useful in the development of energy-efficient lighting. Fiber optic lamps provide bright light without high voltage demands. They do not emit harmful UV radiation as fluorescent tubes do. In addition, they are resistant to shock and vibration making them ideal for harsh outdoor installations. 

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