When Commercial Property Owners Should Carry Out Electrical Panel Replacements

Every commercial building will have some sort of electrical panel. It's the control system for your property's electrical systems. If you've run into either of these situations with said panel, it may finally be time for a professional replacement.

The Panel Is Old and Corroding

Even though electrical panels in commercial buildings are well built, they can still face corrosion after a period of time. If your panel has this damage, it's probably not a good idea to try to salvage the system. Instead, a replacement is often the best way to deal with this problem.

Professional contractors will remove the corroded panel and substitute it with a brand-new or newer system. You won't have to worry about structural issues like corrosion for a long time, which is key from both a safety and electrical performance standpoint.

Multiple Lights Flickering Consistently

It's not that abnormal to have flickering lights in your commercial building. Usually, this means that you need to replace a bulb or perhaps that the wiring is bad. However, if there are multiple lights in your building that are flickering pretty routinely, that could be an electrical surge issue.

The current electrical panel may not properly support the electrical systems in your building, which is why more than one light is flickering on a regular basis. You can hire an electrician to verify this problem for sure, but if they say it's because of the electrical panel, try to find a suitable replacement as soon as you can.

New Electrical Systems Are Overloading the Panel

As your company begins to grow, you may add more electrical systems in the building. If you do this too much, what can happen is the current electrical panel gets overloaded. That's not good for keeping your building safe.

You can respond by replacing your electrical panel with a solution that's better equipped to handle the power load of your new electrical systems. You can also consult with an electrician when making this choice, which can help you end up with a solution that won't get overloaded any time soon. That will save you from having to make another electrical panel upgrade for a while.

If you notice electrical problems happening around your commercial building quite regularly, the culprit could be an outdated or damaged electrical panel. You can counter these issues with a replacement, which will be easy to complete as long as you hire the appropriate electricians. Their help will get you a new electrical panel set up in no time. Contact a company that offers commercial electrical panel replacements to learn more.