Is It Time To Rewire Your Home? — 3 Signs It Is

All electrical wiring is expected to last for decades, which is why most homeowners don't consider home rewiring until there is a severe problem. Like other connections, insulation and electrical wires are also prone to degrade, reducing their effectiveness over time. 

Home rewiring is a maintenance routine that reduces the risk of fire around your home, improves safety, and increases your home's value. Instead of waiting until the electrical system around your home fails, below are three signs that indicate it is time to rewire your home.

Your Home Is Old and Has Never Been Rewired

Although the definition of "old" is relative, a home that has been there for a few decades is considered old. If you live in an old house that you have never rewired, it could be time to consider a home rewiring project.

While it is common to wait until there are signs the electrical system is damaged, often, electrical systems don't send out mild signals. Therefore, it is best to get ahead of any potential issues and get home rewiring services before problems occur.

Burning Smell from Switches and Fuses Blowing Frequently

Do you always detect a mild burning smell from your electrical switches? The burning smell could be due to shorting wires. The smell is an electrical emergency since electrical shorts could ignite sparks behind the floors and walls, starting a fire. 

It is common for appliance fuses to blow every once in a while. However, if the fuse blowing becomes frequent, it could indicate that the fuses used in the electrical systems cannot support all the connected appliances. So, you need to upgrade the electrical system around your home to meet the electrical demand.

Flickering Lights

There are different reasons why your lights could be flickering. It could be an overload or a faulty lightbulb. However, lights that continuously dim and flicker unexpectedly with adequate energy supply and functional light bulbs could indicate a problem with the electrical connection.

If changing your bulbs doesn't fix the flickering problem, the cause could be a faulty circuit or loose wiring. You should call an electrician to inspect your electrical system and decide if they can fix the problem or if you need a complete home rewiring.

Although home rewiring is no small feat, there is a lot of danger you will expose your home and family by ignoring the signs above. Contact a professional electrician for your home rewiring needs.

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