3 Subtle Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Commercial Electrical Panel

An electrical system grows old over the years of its service. But the age of the system is irrelevant if your electrician has assessed it and determined that it needs an upgrade. For instance, a time will come when you will need to consider replacing crucial components like the electrical panel, circuit breakers, and breaker box. 

Installing a new panel comes with numerous benefits, such as cutting energy costs and enhancing workplace safety. Here are three subtle indicators that it is time to replace components of your commercial electrical system. 

Workers Constantly Tripping the Breakers

Your building has circuit breakers whose capacity allows them to handle all the electronic appliances you utilize. But sometimes, simple processes like switching on the desk lights can cause tripping of the breaker or a blackout. Such issues arise when the system is old and worn out. 

Moreover, if you have been adding your office appliances without upgrading the panel, you will likely encounter many cases of tripped breakers. In that case, your commercial electrician will determine whether the breaker and panel match the power load from the system. If not, they will replace the panel with an appropriate size. 

The Temperature of the Panel Is High

If you suspect a fault in the panel, first check its temperature. If the panel is too hot to the touch, it is time to call the electrician. Typically, the box's design does not allow it to heat up due to normal electrical operations. 

If you do not correct the situation, the excess heat will build up within the system, leading to the melting of the insulation. It may also lead to sparking, resulting in an electrical fire. Therefore, it is best to call an electrician to assess and rectify the problem before it becomes a safety hazard. 

The Outlet Can't Handle the Demands

The design of your electrical system should match the number of appliances used in every room. But if your building is older, the number of outlets might be fewer than the demand, forcing employees to use extension cords.

Often, these cables put excessive strain on your circuit because they draw more current than what the outlet can support. Fortunately, an experienced commercial electrician can redesign the system to ensure it has enough capacity to support all the appliances in your commercial facility.

As a commercial property owner, you ought to partner with a reliable commercial electrician. Doing this ensures you have a safe, durable, and efficient electrical system on your premises at all times.